Luz Perez-Ojeda

Lenticular Photograghaphy
a Differente View

“for those
who love innovation and contemporary art”


In Ninoska Huerta Gallery you can enjoy innovative constructivist works of art, abstract art and kinetic art by famous artists from Latin America and the world.

The doors of our gallery in Coral Gables, Miami are open for those who love innovation and contemporary art. This is why we bring together the work of famous artists such as Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesús Soto along with the innovative proposals of emerging artists.


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Color in Abstract Shapes

Color in Abstract Shapes

Ninoska Huerta Gallery presents: '"Color in Abstract Shapes" by Eduardo Orozco.The artist will be talking about color in abstract art. On Friday,...

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An image of Contemporary Art Vision

What is Contemporary Art?

We will explain its definition and the different ways in which it can be expressed.  To find a definition of “contemporary art” can be a tricky task…  A simple way to...
an image of Antonio Bachour for an post about his painting with chocolate on canvas

Antonio Bachour, painting with chocolate on canvas

It is a great pleasure for me to have this wonderful artist here with us tonight: Antonio Bachour Antonio Bachour is a renowned Pastry Chef. His story begins as a child rejoicing...
this is a note about Lluis Barba at the Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Lluis Barba arrives at Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2020

Ninoska Huerta Gallery feels very proud to announce that our artist Lluis Barba is presenting his project "Old Threats. New armies” at Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2020 This project...