Antonio Bachour, painting with chocolate on canvas


It is a great pleasure for me to have this wonderful artist here with us tonight: Antonio Bachour

Antonio Bachour is a renowned Pastry Chef. His story begins as a child rejoicing in his family’s bakery in Puerto Rico, the country where he later acquired skills as a pastry cook.

In 2001 he took this passion and transformed it into a beautiful and flavorful career in the United States at prominent venues in South Beach and New York.

He later trained in France with the acclaimed Philippe Givre at L’Ecole Valrona, he has been selected Top 10 Pastry Chef and was also a Finalist in the 2011 International Chef Congress Pastry Competition.

His journey led him to be Executive Pastry Chef at the Bal Harbour St Regis until 2016 acquiring fame and recognition.

It would be unforgivable to mention the Best Pastry Chef Award by the prestigious Best Pastry Chefs Awards organization in 2018 and Best Pastry Chef of the year 2019

Since then, he has taught pastry throughout the world and has created a portfolio of magical desserts that can now be enjoyed at his own stores here in Coral Gables and in Doral.

Antonio Bachour does not stop here. His work has been published in numerous pastry publications, and he has also published 6 marvelous books.

But most importantly, today you will also see Antonio’s craft in a new dimension.

We will see him create with his palette of chocolates and ganache on an artist’s canvas at Ninoska Huerta Gallery.

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