Contemporary Art Vision


In the framework of   “Illuminate Coral Gables“,  Ninoska Huerta Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition, “Contemporary Art Vision” comprising seven contemporary artists based in Miami. 

Contemporary Art is recognized as the art produced from the 50′ s until now. 

Within this art, there are different trends such as Digital art, Minimalism, Kineticism, Graffiti, Sound art, Pop art, Installations, Conceptual art, etc.

The Exhibition will be held from February 12 to March 30.
Weekdays from 2:30 to 8:00 pm.
Sunday by appointment.

Ninoska Huerta Gallery: 290 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables FL.

Contemporary Art:

In celebration of “Illuminate Coral Gables,” this exhibition on Miracle Mile features seven contemporary artists based in Miami who work in diverse media, especially showcasing light and its optical effects. 

Artists use neon tubing and other light sources to spell out words and quotations, illuminate diverse shapes, and transform traditional two-dimensional surfaces into objects glowing in luminous colors. 

The work by Rubem Robierb sets the stage for the Coral Gables Illuminate project with its heart-shaped message in lights.  All the artists create dynamic surfaces with images that range from complex figurations to the totally abstract. 

A stainless-steel rabbit by Sandra Ramos greets visitors and creates a happy mood as it leads us into a luminous experience. 

For Luz Perez-Ojeda, kinetic and optical effects result from a new technology that makes the work move before the eyes. 

Totally the opposite, Eduardo Orozco’s cleanly defined geometric abstractions exist on a different spatial plane and exude a sense of quiet tranquility. 

Carlos Estevez signifies the light and optical themes with an elegant interpretation of Parisian lampposts and fountains that lure the viewer into a close look at the meticulous details of his complex drawing. 

Multi-disciplinary artist Muu Blanco uses light and projections for his performative work.  His work includes a small group of photographs to comment on modern life and popular culture. 

The pristine work of Valeria Yamamoto strikes an elegant balance to the large abstract works on the walls.  She uses pure white porcelain and resin casts to create objects of quiet beauty, and her fragile silver works are the jewels of the exhibition. 

With works that are eclectic and optically provocative, this exhibition invites both contemplation and dynamic responses. 

Carol Damian, Ph.D.

Art Historian

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