”Women in the Abstract and Geometric World




This group of 13 women artists represents a diversity of ages, techniques, styles, and media.  Their careers span from the end of the twentieth century to the present day and they come from different countries with different professional backgrounds and experiences.  Whether young or old (or deceased), each woman signifies a presence in the art world that must be recognized for its accomplishments in what are often challenging times for women to succeed.  Happily, this exhibition showcases their achievements as much as it demonstrates a high level of ability, conceptual ideas, and personal vision that embrace one of the most significant contemporary trends in art production: Geometric Abstraction.  These artists have used their unique styles in remarkable ways within this all-encompassing terminology.  There are multiple levels of abstraction, from strictly mathematical to figurative to color field to expressionism to optical, kinetic, and beyond.  What is particularly significant about this selection is that each work demands an audience response, whether for the emotional reaction triggered by Nela Arias’s and Valentina Bilbao’s expressionistic and colorful brushwork, or the optical confusion present in the work of Adriana Dorta and Corina Hoher.  We are confronted by puzzling contortions and linear perplexity in the compositional arrangements of many works, then subdued with the subtle coloration in Carolina Sanllehi’s muted canvas, a fine complement to the whites of sculpture by Valerie Yamamoto, Ivonne Ferrer and Lynn Kislak.  For the three-dimensional works in the exhibition, the artists using materials ranging from metals to ceramics are also concerned with applying the tenets of abstraction in the creation of their works, while at the same time imbuing their surfaces with movement and action.  The works come alive in space.

Geometric Abstraction often plays with the eyes, even if it appears to be a minimal composition of bands of color, as in the work of Gloria Lorenzo or in the simplicity of Genevieve Claisse’s basic shapes.  There is nothing static in the many works in this selection.  Each artist approaches abstraction through geometry, color, and expressionism for provocative results.


Carol Damian, Ph.D.

Curator, Ninoska Huerta.


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