The Moon in the Mirror, a gaze of her own.


In the context of Miami Art Week / Art Basel Season, this exhibition curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective shows the artworks of 18 women artists from USA and Latin America.

  • María José Arjona (Colombia)
  • Elisabetta Balasso (Venezuela)
  • Leah Brown (USA)
  • Tania Candiani (México)
  • Adriana Carvalho (Brasil)
  • Sonia Falcone (Bolivia)
  • Marina Font (Argentina)
  • Aimée García (Cuba)
  • Nanette Gilligan (USA)
  • Muriel Hasbun (El Salvador)
  • Loma Otero (Puerto Rico)
  • Tatiana Parcero (México)
  • Aimée Pérez (Cuba)
  • Marta María Pérez (Cuba)
  • Mabel Poblet (Cuba)
  • Patricia Schnall-Gutiérrez (USA)
  • Gladys Triana (Cuba)
Migratory Connections

Migratory Connections

MIGRATORY CONNECTIONS   We have the pleasure of inviting you to visit our exhibition, which shows six contemporary artists. ''Migratory Connections'' will be...

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