Carlos Anzola

“Carlos Anzola develops his assemblage starting from poor and organic materials, resorting to seriality, with the intention of building an intimate statement with symbolic accents and an iconographic rhetoric of religious and familiar allegories.

Carlos picks up stories that are narrated differently through the use of discarded materials that he finds along the way, incorporating them once more to life, telling a different story, yet still having a past.

This is a piece of art that inserts with more rigidity a sort of purposeful anachronism both formal and conceptual.”

Art Critic – 2002- Carlos Palacios.

 Carlos Anzola is a graduate Architect from the School of Architecture of the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

He centers his artistic work in the reinterpretation of forgotten objects in time.

His work is characterized in his creation of metaphors through the use of old photos, books, guides, advertising posters and different objects from the past, which are given a new life transforming them into art.

He is considered a “recollecting artist” who is in search of his muse, recollecting fragments from the past to rescue these to transform them into pieces that are inviting to reflect about ruin and nostalgia.

Throughout the diverse stages of his artistic process, Anzola looks to transfer and mobilize the spectator by prying into his memory and the way in which it is conformed.

He looks to incite reflection regarding the passing of time and of oblivion.

Much of his work has been inspired by the arte povera (poor art) artistic movement which surged as a trend during the 60’s and is characterized for using “poor materials” when producing the work.

This artistic movement was born as a need for provoking a different effect on art commercialization and rejecting mass media icons.

Its intention is to give objects a different meaning through creativity and spontaneity.